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I just wanted to cover my bum…

Truth be told I have had a life-long desire to cover my bum and thighs when getting out of the water. I’m a mom of three and our family is passionate about water sports. Like many women, I just didn’t want so much “rear” exposure when hanging out around the beach or pool.

When the kids were toddlers, I wanted something quickly to cover up when I ran them from the water to a cafe or the bathroom past a cadre of co-workers at the summer party.

As the kids grew older and we started kiting and surfing, I just wanted something to wear that wouldn’t soak through when I made a stop on the way home from the beach. I needed something that stayed dry and didn’t look like I sat on a wet seat.

I decided to start making my own cover-up and reached out to girlfriends who also liked to cover their bums. It turned out they had an interest in a product like this. I couldn’t find exactly what I envisioned on the market but I had a skirt that was 20 yrs old with a Velcro closure and I started with that as a template and RipSkirt was born. My friends and daughter helped me with my logo, the sizing, and the colors. My husband was a big help, too. He had the tough task of telling me which fabrics looked too clingy and which pleat design was most “flattering”.

The result was RipSkirt, a water-repellant wrap cover-up with no snaps or zippers, only adjustable Velcro tabs. You rip it off to change. The Velcro makes it easy to adjust where it sits on your waist, and you are able to let it out a pinch after a big meal. Perfect for those vacation lunches by the pool! It’s made out of a water-repellant, modern board short material with just enough stretch to give but not to cling, and it quickly covers your bum and thighs without soaking up water.

We are happy with the results and hope you are, too. RipSkirt actually turned out to be so cute and universal that both my 15-year-old daughter and I, her 50-year-old mom, wear ours as a daily summer skirt. Of course, never, ever at the same time!


Alecia Elsasser