Reasons Why


Trusty sidekick.

#1 The trusty sidekick

Is always ready

No use spending precious vacation time in the changing room. With a quick-wrap closure, RipSkirts are easy on, easy off, and they’re perfect for just about anything. So whether you’re going out to dinner or off on a grand adventure, you can be ready faster than you can say wrap, stick and go!

#2 The trusty sidekick

Isn't Clingy

Some cover-ups are just too close for comfort. Not RipSkirts. Both the cut and the fabric we use are designed to fall just right, and not cling to your skin. So you don’t have to wiggle when you’re wet or squirm every time you stand up. No more wedgies or sucking in.

#3 The trusty sidekick

Likes Second Dessert

The adjustable velcro closure on your RipSkirt means you can wear it high or low, or just give yourself some breathing room when you’re somewhere in Italy and you can’t pronounce sfogliatelle but by God, you’re ordering it again. And no, the velcro doesn’t look tacky. Lose the spandex. Eat the dessert. Twice.

#4 The trusty sidekick

Travels Light

Have you ever tried to pack seven RipSkirts into a backpack? You probably didn’t even notice, because they fold up teeny weeny, and they’re really light. You’ll have more outfits than you know what to do with, and no more waiting to check in your baggage. No one needs baggage.

#5 The trusty sidekick

Is Flattering

Yes, RipSkirts are incredibly functional – lightweight, quick-dry, wrinkle-resistant, travel-friendly, easy-wrap – it’s a dream. But guess what we didn’t sacrifice? Fashion. We put a lot of thought and care into the design and cut of our skirts, so they’ll always make you look and feel fabulous. You’ll never run short of compliments.

#6 The trusty sidekick

Isn't a Wet Blanket

RipSkirts are made of technical watershedding material that dry in no time! So you can throw one on when you’re still in your wet swim things, and you’re never left feeling soggy, even on a cloudy day.

#7 The trusty sidekick

Can Multitask

Boating, hiking, or sipping champagne at dinner party, you’ll always feel good in our famous RipSkirts. “Beach to Bistro.” That’s what we said when we designed them. So you can wear yours all day out on the water, ditch it for a swim, throw it back on when you’re still wet, and head straight to a nice restaurant, looking all dressed to the nines.

#8 The trusty sidekick

Likes your Mom

If your RipSkirts go missing and your mom’s been around, well, you didn’t hear it from us, but you may want to check her closet. Or your grandma’s. We’ve designed our simple and versatile designs to look (and feel) good on everyone. So be prepared to share, or replace your stash.

#9 The trusty sidekick

Is Low Maintenance

RipSkirts aren’t fussy. They’re made from technical fabric that’s quick-dry and wrinkle-resistant. That means you can just scrunch it up in your bag, wet or not. Or if you’ve been on a muddy hike, you can give it a quick wash in the sink, and you’re good to go. These things were made to be easy.

#10 The trusty sidekick

Isn't Boring

Did you know that all our RipSkirts come in four different lengths and a bunch of prints that we add to every month? That means that you can mix and match for elegance, spunk and everything in between. Dress them up or down, wear them high or low. They never get tired.