Rustica Denim

Rustica Denim | Sun Scarf
Rustica Denim | Sun Scarf
Rustica Denim | Sun Scarf
Rustica Denim | Sun Scarf

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Rustica Denim

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Our sun scarves have become a daily essential. The pop of color around your neck brightens your face, adds a dash of spice to a Simple Tee, and is just the ticket to shield the thinner skin on our necks and décolletage. Pull it up over your nose and mouth as a quick face cover and shield yourself from the beating rays.

Choose a colorful print to complement your eyes or your outfit, and you can even find one to match one of our skirts. 

Fabric Content: 95% Poly 5% Spandex
It was love at first sight. Feminine, strong, rustic, earthy; Rustica denim is as home at work as it is at play. The denim blue, black, and white print pairs well with many tops and is sure to become a wardrobe staple.

Sun Scarf

Rustica Denim

It's IN the details

Sun Scarves

Sun Protection

UPF 50 protects the thinner skin on our necks and décolletage from being overexposed to the sun’s harsh rays


Laying Flat - full-height 17" x narrowest point 9.25"

Always stays on

There is no need to worry about it sliding off. Simply slip the sun scarf over your head and arrange it as you wish, gathered for a pop of color or more spread out. 

Fabric Content

95% Poly 5% Spandex

Rustica Denim Sun Scarf

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