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How fast is your free shipping?  

Free shipping is USPS First Class mail and typically takes between 3-6 days depending on your location. We ship from our warehouse in Mosier, Oregon. 


Do you have a store in Maui?

I’m sorry we don’t. I do ship to Hotels and Condos in Maui just make sure you put your name and arrival date in the shipping section.


What is the best way to make sure I get the right size RipSkirt for me?

We have provided a “How To” section specifically for sizing inquiries on our website! Please refer to our sizing page for various measurements and length suggestions. Sizing


Do you sell to retail stores?

No, for the time being, we do not. We are unable to meet the demand of retailers so we only sell direct at this time.


How can I cover exposed velcro?

Depending on your sizing, fit, and how you wear the skirt you may have some exposed velcro. We provide an extra piece of velcro to cover it that exposed bit with every skirt. It is in a little clear bag attached to the hang tag. 


I'm headed on vacation do you ship to hotels and condos?

Yes, we often ship to hotels! When shipping to hotels, we ask that our customers provide us with a name, hotel address, and arrival date. It is best that you call ahead to inform your hotel that you’ll be expecting a package and to hold it at the front desk upon your arrival.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! For Canadian customers, we have a flat rate of $14.00 for up to 4 skirts. For most other international destinations we have a $35.00 flat rate for up to 4 skirts that is 35.00.

Can I wash, dry and iron my skirt?

Yes, Yes, Yes. Please use low/medium heat setting on the dryer and iron. Also, close your skirt in the dryer so it doesn't pick up other items while tumbling.  The solid black skirts may need a wash and ironing before their first use to remove the packaging creases but after the first time most people never see a need to iron their skirt. 

Is this a Cover-up or a Skirt?

Our website has received a number of questions that speak to the versatility of RipSkirt: Can I wear it while swimming? Can I wear yoga tights underneath? Can I wear it to work? Can I wear underwear with it? And we are here to tell you—YES YOU CAN!

We have come to find that RipSkirt meets many unexpected needs. You might have bought it for that upcoming vacation but now find yourself wearing it to the weekend farmers market, to the beach with your kids and even to work on occasion. RipSkirt was designed for hard-working, active women and it’s only appropriate that your RipSkirt be as versatile as your schedule! We hope our product continues to help you live comfortably!

Please feel free to email us with any other ways you find use out of your RipSkirt, we love to hear what you come up with!


Can you swim in this material?

RipSkirt is not specifically designed to as a swim skirt. It is quick-dry material and could be a good replacement for the classic board shorts and you can swim in it just be mindful that the fluidity of the skirt might wrap around you a bit once submerged but it remains a fully functional and fashionable option!


Can you wear your skirt over running tights?

Yes! Your Rip Skirt will meet your needs in and out of the water. Many previous customers sent reviews about maximizing their skirts’ versatility—to yoga class, on bike rides, marathons, various water activities and even to work! The solid black has been known to make a splash even at the office! The fabric won't cling to your tights.


Can I get a small piece of female velcro to cover some exposed velcro on my skirt?

(This is usually for people between sizes) Yes! Please email me with your address and color of velcro or skirt color and I'll send a piece in the mail.



If a return or exchange is needed please keep the tags on and send back in the original ziplock polybag. While we are happy to do exchanges for you, we do recommend ordering your new skirt now and requesting a refund for your return. This helps avoid the issue of not having the color or size in stock at the time of your return and makes the whole process much faster for you. The typical turnaround on an exchange is 14 days, starting the day you mail your product back. Please save the tracking number given to you by the post office, without this we do not have proof of your return. 


Please send VIA USPS First Class Mail to:

RipSkirt Returns/Mainland

PO BOX 305

Mosier Oregon 97040