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8 Reasons Women Love Their RipSkirt

Reason #1

Quick Wrapping with an Adjustable Fit

My perfectly, imperfect body loves that I can keep adjusting the waist, so I don’t have a muffin top and I can wear it higher or lower on my waist.
Karen C from Denver

Wrapping Skirt
Reason #2

Flattering & Forgiving

I’ve looked long and hard to find a skirt that is forgiving and flattering! Even on the hottest, humid days it doesn’t cling and falls just right over my bum and thighs!
Justine from Boca Raton

Skirt from rear
Water Shedding Fabric
Reason #3

Water Shedding

I love that I can wrap it over my swimsuit and not have wet bum marks. I’m a little self conscious while walking around the resort in my suit and my RipSkirt makes me feel confident!
Jayne from Chicago

RipSkirt while Biking
Reason #4


Hands down the most versatile piece in my closet.
Dani from Duluth

  • Swimwear Cover-up
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Over Yoga Tights
  • Travel
  • Home
  • Play
  • Dog Walking
Reason #5


After literally searching the internet for youthful, comfortable, easy-care clothing, for active 64-year-old grandmother, I found RipSkirts. Then my daughter found mine, and we had to buy more! Next stop Bali.

Elderly woman in skirt with flowers
Reason #6

Easy Care Comfort

I took several skirts on a safari! So glad I did. The fabric is just incredible. It feels great and is wrinkle free, cool and light. So easy to wash in a sink and they dried in minutes in the hot African sun. The comfort and ease can’t be overstated.
Jill from Carmel

Skirt + Bike
RipSkirts Packed in Suitcase
Reason #7

Light Packing

These take no space in my luggage and they are all I wear on vacation. Holidays, boating, and even camping! I’m a collector now.
Rhonda from North Carolina

Various Length Ripskirts
Reason #8

Variety - 3 Lengths & 16 Rotating Prints

I wear length 1 for the beach or over tights. Length 2 is my around town summer skirt. I wear the longest on cooler evenings. I love getting the monthly new print alerts and my favorites keep changing.
Sabine from Austin