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SunBandit - Sun Scarves

Back in Stock June 1st - Mahalo for your patience.

Our SunBandit neck scarf is the perfect addition to your travel bag. The pop of color around your neck brightens your face, adds a dash of spice to a Simple T and is just the ticket to shield the thinner skin on our necks and décolletage. 

The paniolos, Maui’s upcountry cowboys, knew what they were doing. Every picture shows them with a handkerchief around their neck. They used them as sun protection, to mop a sweaty brow and to keep out the dust and dirt kicked up by pounding hooves. Let’s face it. They also looked a little dashing with the flash of color tied below a stubbled chin.

You might not be wearing our Sun Bandit neck scarf to keep the dust out on a cattle drive but we bet you will find our multi-tasking scarf just as practical and dashing.

  • Dimensions - Laying Flat - full-height 17" x narrowest point 9.25" - Can be pulled up over nose and mouth as a full sun guard or worn down and looser around the neck as a scarf 
  • UPF 50 protects the thinner skin on our necks and décolletage from being overexposed to the sun’s harsh rays
  • 7 choices of beautiful prints to compliment your eyes or your outfit – you can even find one to match one of our skirts.
  • No need to worry about sliding off or tying on. Simply slip it over your head and arrange as you wish. Gathered for a pop of color or more spread out “bib style” to cover a sun-exposed chest sitting while sitting by the pool.
  • 5% Spandex allows you to pull it up over your mouth and nose for maximum sun protection when a shady spot is out of reach.
  • Reversible – simply tear the size/care tag out (it is designed as tear-away label) and turn inside out if you get one side dirty